True North's Foundations are its Core Values, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement

T.R.U.E. Core Values

T - Truth

Christ centered and the True Leader

R- Reliable, Responsible, & Resolute

Trustworthy and Professional

U- Uplifting

Making you and your business better everyday

E- Example

Living and Working our Values

Mission Statement

At True North Consulting, our mission is to be the guiding light for businesses and leaders, rooted in the principles of T-The Cross, Christ-centered values. We are unwaveringly Reliable, Responsible, and Resolute in our commitment to fostering excellence. Through Uplifting leadership and being a shining Example, we empower individuals and organizations to navigate their unique path to success, one illuminated by purpose, direction, and unwavering motivation.

Vision Statement

Our vision at True North Consulting is to create a world where values-driven leadership, rooted in T-The Cross and Christ-centered principles, is the cornerstone of success. We aspire to be the beacon of Reliable, Responsible, and Resolute guidance, uplifting individuals and organizations to realize their full potential. True North Consulting envisions a future where every leader embodies the Example we set, creating lasting impact and transformative change.

Value Proposition Statement

At True North Consulting, we are your unwavering partner on the journey to success. Grounded in Christ-centered values, we offer Reliable, Responsible, and Resolute guidance that uplifts your path. Our Uplifting approach and commitment to being an Example empower you to align your purpose, set a clear direction, and ignite lasting motivation. With True North Consulting, you gain more than a consultant; you gain a compass for values-driven leadership and enduring success.